About Us

AL-Burhan Computers is a leading provider of IT services, products and solutions. Established in 1980s, with over 30 years of experience in the field of IT.

At Al-Burhan Computers, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Our product line includes PCs, laptops, LCD/LED monitors, printers, gaming products, computer accessories, mobile accessories, and more. We specialize in hardware and software troubleshooting, CCTV, networking, and more.

Our history lies in more than three decades, AL-Burhan Computers has been providing world-class IT solutions that have revolutionized the way people work and play. With over 30 years of expertise in the IT field, you can trust us for all your technology needs. We take pride in offering an extensive range of products and services, with unbeatable prices and unbeatable customer satisfaction. From PCs and laptops to LCD/LED monitors, printers and gaming products, we have it all. Our extensive range of products and services covers a wide range of hardware and software issues, such as troubleshooting, CCTV, and networking. We also deal in all kinds of computer, laptop, and antenna accessories. Our team of experienced professionals are all highly skilled and have a good code of conduct. Our after sales service is top-notch and provides prompt customer support. We also offer an extensive range of repair and maintenance services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our high rate of customer satisfaction. Our products and services are designed to provide you with the highest quality of customer experience and satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a new computer or just need help setting up your existing system, Al-Burhan Computers is committed to helping you get the best out of your technology. At Al-Burhan Computers, customer satisfaction and quality products and services come first. We take pride in offering competitive prices, unbeatable customer service, and quality products and services. No matter what your IT needs, you can trust us to help you get the best results.