Budget Build 1.8

This powerful PC packs a professional punch with an Intel Xeon processor, 16GB of RAM, and a spacious 128GB SSD for blazing-fast boot times and application loading. Store all your projects on the 500GB HDD, and handle demanding graphics tasks with the included AMD Firepro W5100 graphics card. This meticulously chosen configuration delivers exceptional performance at an unbeatable price, making it the perfect workstation for budget-minded professionals and power gaming users.
  • Intel Xeon 1620 V2 3.7GHz
  • 16GB Ram DDR3
  • 128GB SSD & 500GB HDD
  • AMD Firepro W5100 4GB 128Bit
Price updated on: 8 June, 2024
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The Budget Build 1.8 is the perfect solution for gamers seeking top-tier performance without breaking the bank. This meticulously crafted PC utilizes high-quality used components imported from the USA, ensuring exceptional value and reliability.

Powerful Performance at an Unbeatable Price:

The centerpiece of this build is the formidable Intel Xeon 1620 V2 processor, delivering smooth gameplay and efficient multitasking. 16GB of DDR3 RAM ensures seamless program switching, while the lightning-fast combination of a 128GB SSD for your operating system and a spacious 500GB HDD for games and storage provides a perfect blend of speed and capacity. Dominate the visuals with the AMD Firepro W5100 4GB graphics card, capable of handling even the most demanding games with ease.

Peace of Mind with Our 3-Day Checking Warranty:

We understand the apprehension that comes with purchasing used components. That's why we offer an industry-leading 3-day checking warranty. This warranty covers any issues you might encounter within the first 3 days of ownership, giving you complete peace of mind. Additionally, we provide comprehensive after-sales services (at an additional cost) to ensure your PC runs smoothly for years to come.

Built to Last, Backed by Outstanding Service:

While the components are used, they are meticulously inspected and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and reliability. These components were used in the USA, so you can be confident in their quality. Remember, even new products with warranties often exclude accidental damage or user-caused issues. With the Budget Build 1.8, you get exceptional value and performance without sacrificing peace of mind. Why pay more for new when you can get the same power and performance for less? Order your Budget Build 1.8 today and experience the thrill of high-performance gaming at a budget-friendly price!

Specifications of Budget Build 1.8

Casing Hp Z420 Workstation Tower
Condition Used
Processor Intel Xeon 1620 V2
Generation 2nd Gen
Ghz 3.7GHz
Condition Pulled
Model Hp Z420 Motherboard
Condition Used
Capacity 16GB
Generation DDR3
Condition Pulled
Capacity 128GB
Type 2.5"
Condition Used
Capacity 500GB
Condition Pulled
Model AMD Firepro W5100
Memory 4GB
Bit 128Bit
Condition Used