Project FPS 1.1

Project FPS 1.1 is a high-performance gaming PC designed to deliver exceptional frame rates and a smooth gaming experience. Equipped with a powerful 3.6GHz Core i7-6700 processor and 16GB of New DDR4 RAM, this PC tackles demanding games with ease. The NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB graphics card ensures stunning visuals, while the 128GB SSD guarantees swift boot times and application loads. For ample storage of your game library and files, a 500GB HDD is included. The stylish Boost Jaguar case with its integrated 4x RGB fans provides excellent thermal management and a touch of flair to your battlestation.
  • Core i7-6700 3.4GHz & Asus Q170 6th Gen Motherboard
  • 16GB Ram DDR4 | 128GB SSD & 500GB HDD
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3GB 192Bit
  • Boost Jaguar Gaming Casing & 4 RGB Fans
Price updated on: 13 June, 2024
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Are you looking for a powerful and affordable gaming PC to dominate your favorite titles? Project FPS 1.1 is the perfect solution! This pre-built PC is meticulously designed to deliver smooth gameplay at a budget-friendly price.

This build combines the best of both worlds: powerful new components and rigorously tested used parts. Most components, including the RAM, SSD, case, and RGB fans, are brand new and come with a standard 1-year warranty. The GTX 1060 3GB graphics card and the processor are carefully sourced used parts, also covered by a 7-day to 15-day warranty depending on the specific component.

We understand the concern of buying used parts, that's why we make sure to get US imported components only, since they are the best used products throughout the history of used components. Additionally, our 7-day checking warranty guarantees your satisfaction. We'll address any lagging issues or performance concerns that may arise during this period.

Peace of Mind and After-Sales Support

Beyond the initial warranty period, we offer comprehensive after-sales services (charged separately) for your peace of mind. Our experienced technicians are here to assist you with any problems that may arise, excluding those caused by external factors like voltage fluctuations, overheating, or accidental damage.

Here in Karachi, Pakistan, where inflated market prices can strain budgets, using high-quality used components presents incredible value. We've been building reliable gaming PCs with such components since a decade or more, and our satisfied customers are a testament to our commitment to quality and affordability.

Don't let a limited budget hold you back from experiencing exceptional gaming performance. Order your Project FPS 1.1 today and build for the win!

Specifications of Project FPS 1.1

Casing Boost Jaguar
Condition New
Processor Core i7-6700
Generation 6th Generation
Ghz 3.40GHz
Condition Used
Model Asus Q170 Motherboard
Condition Used
Capacity 16GB
Generation DDR4
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Capacity 128GB
Type 2.5"
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Capacity 500GB
Condition Pulled
Warranty 1 Year
Model Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060
Memory 3GB
Bit 192Bit
Condition Used
Type RGB Thunder Fans
Quantity 4